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The need for genome navigation.

The medical significance of genome navigation.

  • I. Pure GA-sequences - genome sign posts?

  • Pure GA-sequences as candidates for genomic sign posts.
  • The phenomenon of pure GA-sequences.
  • The size-distribution of pure GA-sequences.
  • The exclusion of poly-A and poly-G sequences.
  • Relationship between chromosome size and numbers of pure GA-sequences.
  • The species-dependent spatial density of pure GA-sequences.
  • The individuality of pure GA-sequences.
  • Are pure GA-sequences coding?
  • The tetra-GA motifs of pure GA-sequences.
  • The genomic 'neighborhood' of pure GA-sequences.
  • A relationship to poly(A)- and Alu-sequences.
  • Other kinds of pure base-restricted sequences.

  • II. Pure GA-sequences - a model of genome navigation.

  • The need to concentrate the sign posts into small space.
  • The looping of GA-sequences.
  • The role of the upstream poly(A) stretches as binding sites for linker molecules.
  • The reduction of the search path.
  • The chromatinization of GA-ribbon and associated loops.
  • The postulate of a search mechanism ('clavisomes')
  • The hypothetical initiation of transcription by clavisomes.
  • The hypothetical recognition of target GA-sequences by clavisomes.

  • III. Pure GA-sequences - one of two fractal sets of sequences that make up the entire genome.

  • The explicit identification of a fractal set of genome sequences.
  • General background.
  • The expansion of the definition of GA-sequences.
  • The universal power law behavior of the GA-sequences.
  • The 'Genome Pixel Images(GPxI) of GA-sequences.
  • The 'Lα -order' of the GA-sequences of whole chromosomes.
  • The 'baseline' GPxI pattern of Lα -ordered, hypothetical GA-sequences.
  • The fractal GPxI pattern the of GA-sequences of whole chromosomes.
  • The characteristics of block patterns.
  • The range of block sizes with similar patterns.
  • The pattern blocks of other genomes.
  • An attempt to explain the origin of the fractal set of GA-sequences.
  • Simulation of the segment- and interval distribution by recursive inversions.
  • Simulation of the self-similarity patterns of the fractal GA-sequences.
  • Speculations about the evolutionary and biochemical mechanisms involved.