This website focuses on various mutation mechanisms in order to show how these supposedly 'reckless' and 'destructive' genome hazards created amazing symmetries and universal properties in the sequence of genomes. I will only present cases from my own research. Whenever the research of fellow students of genomes was relevant for a particular chapter, I tried my best to quote them in my original articles.

It is very important to emphasize from the start that I will not treat coding regions any different fron non-coding regions, but will always treat the genomes (chromosomes) a single texts.
I believe that this is justified because

  • a. By and large (with subtle exceptions), the mutation mechanisms I discuss here, don't make this distinction, either, but mutate coding and non-coding regions alike.
  • b. In most cases, especially in the case of large mammals, the coding regions constitute such a small percentage of the genome that their contributions to properties of the genome sequences, is rather insignificant.