About the author

Guenter Albrecht-Buehler (August 2000)

Born March 8, 1942 in Berlin, Germany; Married a second time, 3 children from first marriage, 2 children from the second.

EDUCATION. Universitaet, Munich (1969 M.Sc (Physics)); Technische Universitaet, Munich (1972) Ph.D, (Physics); Friedrich Miescher Institute, Basel Switzerland (1972-73 Postdoctoral (Cell Motility))


After 30 years of work in cell biology I became fascinated by the mysteriously and astoundingly structured sequence properties of entire genomes, i.e. the coding AND non-coding regions of naturally occurring genomes, and switched completely to genomics.


  • Professor Emeritus, Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern Univ., Chicago April 2012- present
  • Robert Laughlin Rae Professor of Cell Biology & Anatomy, Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern Univ., Chicago, Sept. 1985-April 2012
  • Associate Professor, Cell Biology & Anatomy, Northwestern Univ. medical School,Chicago, April 1982-1985
  • Senior Staff Investigator and Head of the Cell Biology Section, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (Animal Cell Motility), 1974-April, 1982
  • Research Associate, Department of Biochemistry, University of Florida at Gainesville, December 1973 - June 1974
  • Postdoctoral Fellow, Friedrich Miescher Institute, Basel, Switzerland (Particle movement in the surface of normal and transformed mammalian cells; light microscopy), 1970-1974
  • Investigator at the Institute for Biology, Gesellschaft f. Strahlenforschung, Munich, Germany (electrophysiology on single myelinated nerve fibers; irreversible thermodynamics), 1967 - 1970

  • Stipend, Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes, 1965-1969
  • Fellowship of the International Agency of Research on Cancer (Lyon, France) 1974-1975
  • Organizer of the 46th Cold Spring Harbor Symposium on Quant. Biol. (1981)
  • Organizer of Meeting 'Forms of Microtubule Organization in Cells' (1980, Cold Spring Harbor)
  • Invited speaker at the International Symposium on Aging and Cancer (Org. Senator Claude Pepper, Lewis Thomas) 1980
  • Teacher at the Eighth International Natiagali Summer College on Physics and Contemporary Needs, Islamabad, Pakistan, July-August, 1983
  • Teacher at the EMBO Course on Immunocytochemical Approaches to Cell Biology, Weizman Institute, Rehovot, Israel, July/August 1986
  • Participant of the Workshop on Information Processing in Biological Systems, organized by the Academy of Science USSR, Moscow, Suzdal 10/4 - 10/14/1986
  • Invited Speaker at the Gordon Research Conference on"Gravitational effects on living systems" 7/4/88-7/8/88
  • Fellow, Institute for Advanced Studies, Berlin, since 1988
  • Fellow, European Academy of Sciences, Brussels, since 2002

  • Working on PENTOMINO MOSAICS since 1984.